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Bomb Squad – An Intense Cooperative Real-time Tabletop Game from Tasty Minstrel Games

I’m a big fan of real-time tabletop games. Not that I’ve played that many (Tasty Minstrel’s own Jab jumps to mind, reviewed on this very web site) but the idea of running a tabletop game in real-time creates a very … Continue reading

23. September 2014 by Michael
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Dungeon Roll – A press your luck dice game of dungeon delving from Chris Darden and Tasty Minstrel Game

Dungeon Roll is on Kickstarter right now.  Dungeon Roll from designer Chris Darden and publisher Tasty Minstrel Game is a press-your-luck style game where you take the role (roll?) of an adventurer going dungeon delving. It promises to include so … Continue reading

27. February 2013 by Michael
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Board Game – Jab: Realtime Boxing Review – Card game by Gavan Brown

Jab: Realtime Boxing Game Review Short Version: Jab: Realtime Boxing is a unique card game built on the Speed/Slam classic card game, requiring you to play cards with both hands and the addition of combo cards to collect. Jab: Realtime Boxing … Continue reading

31. July 2012 by Michael
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