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Let’s Read an RPG: Pendragon by Greg Stafford Part 1 – Introduction and Chapter 1 (The Pendragon Realm)

Until what looks like sometime in the morning of June 9, 2014, Pendragon, the Arthurian RPG from Greg Stafford is part of the Bundle of Holding. If you are reading that after that time, I hope you still enjoy this … Continue reading

03. June 2014 by Michael
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Hollow Earth: Revelations of Mars brings the pulp RPG to the red planet

Hollow Earth Expedition, the roleplaying game from Exile Game Studio using the Ubiquity ruleset, will soon be expanding its brand of pulp into space with Hollow Earth: Revelations of Mars, the new sourcebook which is currently funding on Kickstarter. As … Continue reading

05. July 2013 by Michael
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GM Advice: Use history to build your fantasy world up

So, let’s say that you’re wanting run a game. The genre? Well, it doesn’t matter that much, but this suggestion likely tends to work better for heroic science fiction and fantasy stories. The idea? Go through famous historical conflicts to … Continue reading

03. July 2013 by Michael
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