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Imperial Assault – A New Star Wars board game from Fantasy Flight Games with shades of Descent

This post was almost about how I wasn’t excited about Star Wars: Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games. It is the first of two big Star Wars board game releases over the past few weeks (the other, Star Wars: Armada … Continue reading

21. August 2014 by Michael
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Android: Netrunner video tutorial released, Fantasy Flight Games announces Future Proof, the final Genesis Cycle pack

I love Android: Netrunner, Fantasy Flight Games’ recent revival of the classic Richard Garfield collectable card game. The game plays amazingly-well out of the box, in my opinion (of course, I’m no pro, so I’m sure a lot of people have … Continue reading

07. February 2013 by Michael
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Star Wars: Edge of the Empire Beginner’s Box and a free adventure released

As of yesterday, the Star Wars Edge of the Empire Beginner’s Box is officially available and for sale from Fantasy Flight Games, containing a pared down version of the rules, including using solely pregenerated characters, more hand-holding (from the sound of … Continue reading

18. December 2012 by Michael
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