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Dresden Files: Paranet Papers Pre-Order, Bundle of Holding: The Laundry RPG,Cities: Skylines, Dog Sled Saga, Cheap Girls

The Dresden Files RPG: Paranet Papers Pre-Order Available, PDF available now If you are unfamiliar, the Dresden Files RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game set in Jim Butcher’s popular Dresden Files book series. It is also one of the best-written … Continue reading

10. March 2015 by Michael
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Frozen Cortex from Mode 7 Games and Eagle Eyes from Evil Hat Released

I often wonder to myself, in moments of hubris, if a person comes across this site, checks the front page and thinks ‘Well, this was a fine thing while it lasted.’ But it is, in fact, still lasting. In any … Continue reading

19. February 2015 by Michael
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Fate Core – Building a better Fate

Fate Core from Evil Hat is on Kickstarter right now. Fate Core is the newest iteration of the Fate Roleplaying Game system from Evil Hat Productions. If you are not familiar with Fate, it is an RPG ruleset that has … Continue reading

05. December 2012 by Michael
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