Batman: Rebirth #1 (2016) Review

Tons of spoilers below for Batman: Rebirth #1, so be warned.

I am reading the DC Rebirth books to see if I can pick up what is going on in the DC Comics Universe. I am, honestly, rather uninitiated regarding the current state of the DC Universe and even less so after DC Rebirth. I am not suited to tell you how things have shifted if at all from the status quo, so I’m approaching this from the point of view of someone that is just trying to get into DC after years away, which I am.

In any case, Scott Snyder (who will by handling Allstar Batman going forward) and Tom King (who will be handling the prime Batman book) co-write this story, and it’s a read that seems more intent on setting tone than actually telling a story. Which, I suppose, is important if you are trying to draw in new readers. Batman is here along with Duke Thomas and they are facing the threat of the Calendar Man, who has been made (at least from how I remember him) considerably more sinister and a lot more supernatural. He has a weather control machine and is planning to hatch spores which I guess are going to kill everyone in Gotham if Batman can’t stop the seasons from completing a full cycle, each new day being a new season. The stakes, honestly, never feel well-established and I can’t help but think that the overall flow of the book is limited by the fact that they want to introduce you to the cocky Bruce Wayne, the Duke Thomas who doesn’t want to be Robin but may be totally up for being a completely non-Robin sidekick maybe, and Batman’s relationship with Alfred and Lucius. Mikel Janin crushes the art on this issue, which is a real high point, and I love the reimagining of the Calendar Man from weird holiday-themed psychopath to weird skin-shedding psychopath.

Verdict: It’s hard to know how these things are going to pay off later or if they are, but Batman: Rebirth #1 feels like a pretty good read without a lot of teeth. Probably because it is a one-shot the stakes never feel properly set, but I like the idea of a sidekick that is closer to on-par with Batman (even if he doesn’t do much in this issue) if that is the direction they go.

Did you read Batman: Rebirth # 1? Tell me what you thought below!

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01. June 2016 by Michael
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Comixology Unlimited Impressions – Online comics store launches unlimited content service

I have, at various times, messed around with Marvel Unlimited, the Marvel Comics app/website that allows you access to a Hulk-ton of backlog titles (More than 17,000 according to their ads, and some as recent as about six months old, I believe, although someone can correct me in the comments) for $9.99 a month, but I have wondered what a similar service not centered on the ‘mainstream’ comic publisher (nor DC, its chief rival, although no such service exists to my knowledge) would look like. And now, Comixology – a major distributor of online comics – has answered that question by launching Comixology Unlimited. The pitch is exactly what I wanted to hear: All the comics you can read for $5.99 a month. Plus, there’s a free 30 day trial, so that was enough to get me to sign up, even with the risk that I wouldn’t unsubscribe before the deadline and get charged. Full thoughts on the service after the jump.

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31. May 2016 by Michael
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My Week In Comics: DC Rebirth #1

Spoilers for DC Rebirth #1 ahead. You have been warned.

I haven’t read a mainstream superhero DC comic in a long time that I can think of. Oh, several years back I was super into Nightwing and was pretty into Green Lantern for a while, but that’s been a while. I was always a much bigger fan of Marvel books (X-men especially) and I got completely lost by DC in the post Infinite Crisis world. I read some of it, but then it felt like it was followed very quickly by Final Crisis. And then by Flashpoint five years ago. It seemed like too many reboots too quickly. I didn’t know anything about the characters anymore because they had tried to create one true canon. The buzz around DC Rebirth, though, was something interesting to me. It wasn’t about how crazy it would be, but on how they were trying to set things right.

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27. May 2016 by Michael
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