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WWE CWC August 10, 2016 Picks Up the Pace

I really wanted to like the CWC Cruiserweight classic. But after watching the first several episodes, I came away relatively unimpressed. Now, however, we are entering the first episode of the quarterfinals. After watching the August 10th episode, it appears … Continue reading

10. August 2016 by Michael
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Original Bundle of Nerves scares up a rad batch of RPGs, Humble Comics Bundle goes all Top Cow

Two pretty rad bundles going on right now you might be interested in. The first, The Original Bundle of Nerves from Bundle of Holding, contains Don’t Rest Your Head, Dread, Kingdom of Nothing, Murderous Ghosts and Murderous Ghosts: Northampton State Hospital … Continue reading

22. October 2015 by Michael
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Evil Hat Releases News Fate World: Slip, adjusts Fate Patreon Rewards

Evil Hat Productions (Fate, Atomic Robo RPG, Dresden Files RPG, etc.) has released the news World of Adventure through their Patreon campaign called Slip designed by Chris Caporaso. I’ve skimmed through the PDF (In disclosure, I suppose, I am a backer of … Continue reading

25. September 2015 by Michael
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