WWE CWC August 10, 2016 Picks Up the Pace

I really wanted to like the CWC Cruiserweight classic. But after watching the first several episodes, I came away relatively unimpressed. Now, however, we are entering the first episode of the quarterfinals. After watching the August 10th episode, it appears clear that the first round was limited for whatever reason. However, in the first match of the second round, I thought Tajiri and Gran Metalik puta match as good as any of them in the first round and better than all but a couple. I especially enjoyed Tajiri and Metalik going to the mat and trading holds for a substantial portion of the match, with Tajiri bent on keeping Metalik grounded. Can’t say I was surprised by the outcome, but I am a little disappointed that Tajiri is gone and really hope he stays around.

So, I thought Kota Ibushi and Cedric Alexander had a tough act to follow. I’ve seen a little of both of these guys, but not a ton. I think Cedric Alexander has some star potential. This was another really good match with a nice escalation toward the end, with a lot more big moves with both guys doing some flying and trading a few nasty looking strikes, as well as both guys looking just drained as the match went on. It didn’t flow as well as the first match, but it also felt more epic. I do wonder if “Fight forever” it the new this is awesome. I really hope not, but I certainly liked the 15 minutes these guys went at it. I wouldn’t have minded seeing Alexander win the tournament, but Ibushi seemed poised for big things from the start, so the win is no surprise.

I do wonder if we are getting to the point where there needs to be some upsets in the tournament. To this point, I feel like pretty much all of the matches have ended the only way that they could, with the favored fighter winning. Still, if you like wrestling matches (and I do) this episode of the Cruiserweight Classic felt like a big step forward for the series. And, yeah, and I got a little choked up there at the end. Like, for real. 

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10. August 2016 by Michael
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