Green Lanterns: Rebirth #1 (2016) Review

Okay, I’ve been out of my depth a few times as I’ve read the DC Rebirth books (having not read the DC books for some time, and being especially out of the loop regarding Green Lantern despite having a very strong affection for the character, generally), so I am really confused what is going on here in Green Lanterns: Rebirth. It is not, if you thought it was, about a Green Lantern you are likely to have heard of unless you are a previous, recent reader of DC, although the book does at least have the modesty to mock the number of Green Lanterns guarding Earth for whatever reason.

Instead of Hal Jordan or John Stewart or Guy Gardner (no one wants to read about Guy Gardner) or Kyle Rayner, Green Lanterns: Rebirth (written by Geoff Johns and Sam Humphries) goes with rookie Lanterns Jessica Cruz and Simon Baz, both of whom suck at being Green Lanterns but Hal Jordan totally has some things to do on the other side of space so he’s giving them the keys to the car. I know nothing about these characters and this one issue wasn’t enough to make me interested, to be honest. Of course, it is all setup, so it could pay off in the end, but they are going to have to continue to put effort into making Cruz and Baz likable, as their interactions here both feel a little childish. Which is probably what they are supposed to be, both having only very recently having been granted super powers and now being tethered together by a single magic ring battery that they both have to cooperate to share. It’s more that it’s a tough sell for why I should invest in these two petulant heroes as they defend Earth after just being dumped on the collective lap of the Justice League as they try to protect the Earth by the soon-to-be-invading Red Lanterns. Who I gather are not friendly and perhaps very angry.

Verdict: Just enough here to be curious as to if Humphries can develop Cruz and Baz into an interesting team beyond the ‘these two don’t get along and are learning to trust each other’ schtick and what sort of threat the invading Red Lanterns pose. I think Atrocitus’ parents should have thought long and hard before naming their kid that.

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02. June 2016 by Michael
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