Green Arrow: Rebirth #1 (2016) Review

Green Arrow is a character that I know precious little about. I know that he and Green Lantern have been travelling buddies at various times, but I never read the rather-famous Green Lantern/Green Arrow books. And so I am well and truly in the dark as I launch into the one-shoot to get us started in this brave new DC Universe in Green Arrow: Rebirth from Benjamin Percy.

Aside from one or two stilted lines, this is my favorite of the Rebirth books so far. Green Arrow: Rebirth does a nice job of setting the stage by (re)introducing Oliver Queen, self-proclaimed Social Justice Warrior and insanely rich person. He is Robin Hood adjace, although he tends to go in for Batman-style vigilantism rather than the whole ‘rob from the rich and steal from the poor thing’. Green Lantern: Rebirth spends a lot of time setting out Oliver’s personal beliefs in his conversations with the Black Canary, another do-gooder with the ability of really loud yells, who came to her desire to help people because she was apparently poor. It’s a nice bit of juxtaposition. In any case, it appears that Green Lantern is going to take on some weighty real-world concerns (in this case, human trafficking) as Green Arrow and Black Canary follow down the lead of a group of kidnapping sewer dwellers who are kidnapping people that totally happen to raid the massive homeless camp at exactly the time that Green Arrow and Black Canary happen to be there. I guess it beats them wandering around for two extra pages. Anyway, it’s a good book that feels like it has actual stakes and is actually starting a story rather than holding it for when the new #1 comes out, which is a nice move. Of all of the DC Rebirth books, this is the one that has sold me on continuing to read the story the most.

Verdict: Juxtaposed characters with the same motive and the weight of the issues faced makes this book feel more ‘real’ than some of its counterparts and makes a promising start for the Rebirth of Green Arrow (and Black Canary).

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02. June 2016 by Michael
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