Prison Architect Breaks Out of Early Access, Hits Version 1.0 on 10/6/2015

Prison Architect, from Introversion Games, has been in Early Access since September 2012. I’ve had it for quite some time and it’s been a really nice early access experience, with the developers both consistently developing the game and releasing rather amusing Alpha videos along the way. It’s a simulation game (think Theme Hospital or whathaveyou) where you build a prison while dealing with trying to deal with a number of variables (number of prisoners, money, etc). It was playable early on, but over the last few months the Alpha has seen a great deal of expansion to include more ‘simulation’ features like disasters and assignments from the prison board that is not at all interested in the actual, efficient operation of your prison. Now, Prison Architect is moving on with 1.0, which will include a five chapter story and a new Escape Mode that lets you play a prisoner instead of a person running a prisoner, charging you with breaking out of a prison you have made or downloaded with the same tools that the prisoners in your sim games have, in addition to the sandbox mode that has been in development over the last three years. It is available from Steam for $29.99 now and, as mentioned in the title, will hit version 1.0 today.

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06. October 2015 by Michael
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