WWE NXT Thoughts for 9/23/2015 – Asuka and the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

Okay, so we’re leading off with Eva Marie and Carmella. I’m not in the crowd that has incredible heat with Eva Marie, but they seem like they’re trying to get her heat through ‘undeserved’ wins now. It’s a good tact that The match isn’t bad, but some of the spots feel like they are in slow motion. Eva Marie throws a big boot that she walks into, but Carmella does a nice job of selling it. Actually, Carmella’s selling is really good throughout this match. Eva Marie has improved a lot since reappearing, but Carmella’s come a long way since she first started in NXT as well. Eva Marie gets another close call, just getting saved at the two count and then throws Carmella out of the ring to get the count out. Eva Marie gets a cheap win, which is good. I like where this is going, with Eva Marie racking up wins through chance and circumstance.

Bull Dempsey and Tyler Breeze up next. I feel like Bull’s overness is fragile right now. The Bull Fit thing was great, but it seems like it lost some steam when he came back and didn’t look that different. Showing more personality helps, but it doesn’t feel like a huge step forward for him. It’s another solid match. Breeze is incredible, though. This match, on the other hand, is just okay. Breeze cheats to win, getting his feet on the ropes, so it looks like we’re getting more of these two going at it. Best spot in the match is Bull messing up Tyler’s hair. We find out later that he’s facing Apollo Crews at TakeOver, which I am pumped for. Their backstage segment felt like it had good chemistry.

Kana comes out and gets the Finn Balor treatment, showing her name change to Asuka. It’s a signing with William Regal, which does a good job of making Asuka out to be a big deal. And then here come Emma and Dana Brooke. They say they are NXT’s welcoming committee, but I get the feeling that they may be out there to be rude. I’m waiting for Asuka to go crazy on them, but I never get it. She does give them a nice psychotic smile on her way out. I’m not familiar with her work, but I’m certainly interested to see her have a match soon.
In the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic, Dash & Dawson advanced in an untelevised match (seriously, you couldn’t put that on the Network somewhere). As opposed to Bull, I feel like Dash & Dawson are on the upswing. That said, Jason Jordan and Chad Gable are amazing. They are, honestly, one of my favorite parts of NXT right now. Those guys are pure magic.

Speaking of guys that I really enjoy, it’s the Vaudevillians, who have found their stride during their most recent run. Blake and Murphy, on the other hand, are guys that I enjoy working, but I really think it would be nice to see them do some really nasty heel stuff when the ref’s back is turned. Now that I think about it, I feel a little the same about Breeze. I just don’t think cockiness along is generally enough to get much heat. Anyway, this is a really .. OH MY Aiden English just hit a really amazing uppercut. Anyway, this was a really solid match, which solidifies the Vaudevillians over Blake & Murphy, leaving them to almost certainly face the winner of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic with Enzo & Cass, Balor and Joe, Jordan and Gable, the Hype Bros, and Dash & Dawson remaining.

Oh, more magic, this time in the form of Enzo Amore. Cass is pretty good on the mic as well. I love what I think is some really subtle stuff where Joe keeps referring to Balor as ‘champ’ and keeps picking up/slapping the NXT championship. I would really rather see heel Balor than heel Joe, but you figure those two getting sideways with each other before the end of this tournament leading into them feuding is the next step. It’s one I’m looking forward with. This tag team promo with Joe is probably the best intensity I’ve seen Balor show, but he has felt like he’s been missing something to me for basically the duration of this run, which is a pity because his in-ring work is great.

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23. September 2015 by Michael
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