Evil Hat Releases News Fate World: Slip, adjusts Fate Patreon Rewards

Evil Hat Productions (Fate, Atomic Robo RPG, Dresden Files RPG, etc.) has released the news World of Adventure through their Patreon campaign called Slip designed by Chris Caporaso. I’ve skimmed through the PDF (In disclosure, I suppose, I am a backer of the Fate Worlds Patreon account) and I really dig this thing. I mean, it’s got shades of Lovecraft in it, but it’s not got the whole madness/horror thing. Instead, you’re working for a top secret agency in their goal to figure out what has happened as these weird, alien worlds start crashing into our own in shared time/space causing overlaps and massive portals and changes to our world and all of that stuff. I also think this is a really well-structured PDF from my quick read. It’s a modern day setting, but the whole thing with the Convergence (the ongoing event as these numerous interdimensional worlds merge with our own) having its own character sheet looks to be well developed and provides a nice arc as the characters try to figure out what is going on and how they can stop it. There’s also a bunch of background information and world-building stuff in there as well. It’s also Pay What You Like on DriveThruRPG, which is nice, as well.

In addition to releasing Slip, Evil Hat has restructured their Patreon goals. Instead of adding new goals like publishing the existing PDFs in physical format, the goals are now specifically tailored to increasing the word cap for the future Worlds that are produced as part of the campaign. I will say that I have been consistently pleased with what I have gotten out of the campaign, even if I could just freeload on the backend by grabbing the PDFs for free instead.

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25. September 2015 by Michael
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