More Galak-Z, Rocket League and Numenera: Into the Ninth World

Okay, so I finally beat the second chapter of Galak-Z and I’m still not sure how I feel about the game. There is certainly a skill to playing it. The different enemies are, well, different and you have to remember what each one can do and what they are susceptible to in order to be effective. Some of them you can strafe and some you can just whack a couple of times with your giant laser sword. To this point, I’m a little bummed that there aren’t many upgrades for your ship when it’s in (SPOILERS) giant robot form, but I can certainly say that the Roguelike element pays off when you go into a boss fight at the end of the fifth mission and you know that if you lose you are going to be sent all the way back to chapter 1. Still, I wish there was more carryover of power between missions. What Galak-Z is missing that I love in other Roguelikes is your slow ascension to steamroller status. The inevitability. I know that may be a less pure form of the genre, but the feeling in Dark Souls that even though you died, you managed to cash in your souls and get a little stronger is what makes the game playable. Without that and it’s just the frustration of getting to a ridiculous spot in Contra that you die at five times in a row and then have to start the game over. That has its appeal, too, but it’s less appealing to me.

I continue to play Rocket League, but I’ve noticed something recently that was not there the first few weeks: Toxicity. I’m not sure if it is just inevitable as the game gets more popular, but the community felt, well, communal for the first couple of weeks. Now it is a lot of people spamming the auto-text and complaining about their team in my experience. It’s cool to see a new stadium, though. It’s a really nice, bright, colorful place that I dig quite a lot. I had a bad run last night, though. I think I lost four out of five games. I felt like I was getting so much better, but it’s hard to gauge sometimes. Still, I intend to keep playing it for the foreseeable future.

Watching the Numenera: Into the Ninth World Kickstarter is crazy. They’ve received more than $130,000 in backing and have like 27 days left. The first book in the Into the Ninth World series is already written (a 160 page book taking Numenera into other planets and solar systems) with additional supplements lined up exploring the seas of Numenera as well as extra-dimensional exploration. There are also stretch goals already unlocked, like poster maps, a novel and some supplemental materials. Of course, Numenera’s core system (the Cypher System) is now available in a generic form, too, for those that want the system without the setting.


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13. August 2015 by Michael
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