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The weekend behind and the week ahead. I wrote some this weekend, so that was good. More than I have recently. Less than I should have. Not even sure it was much more than 100 words. Could have been fewer? I didn’t count them, but it’s always hard when you pick up after several weeks and have to remind yourself where you are in the story. It’s frustrating, but it’s also my own fault since I didn’t pick it back up for so long. I’m going to finish this thing. After that, who knows? It’s schlocky fantasy of perhaps the worst sort, but it’s writing a novel, so it feels like an accomplishment. It will be interesting to see if it is any good or not after it’s over. I tried hard to make the characters more human than in many fantasy novels even while doing a sort of epic fantasy thing. I really look forward to the day when someone tells me if I did.

Hold on. My tea’s done. Vanilla almond red tea if you’re curious. It’s that if you’re not curious, too.

I came to the realization that the games that have really stuck with me recently are games that you play in short burst that demand high skill. I still love Awesomenauts. I know it’s not as popular as – say – DOTA 2 or LOL, but it appeals to me way more. It plays pretty fast, it’s colorful, it feels skill-based. Sometimes it takes a couple of minutes to get a game, but I keep coming back. Similarly, I really love Lethal League (the weird baseball-based fighting game that it is) and Speedrunners. They’re both great, play quickly and really reward highly skilled players. Lethal League can be hard to get a game in, although you’ll get one if you wait a minute. Speedrunners seems to be just fine so far as playerbase goes. I’ve still been working my way through Pillars of Eternity, and I love it but I wonder how many 30+ hour games I have left in me. I’m not sure it’s too many. I have Wasteland 2 to play still, but with the new edition coming out soon (October), I’ll wait for that. The newest game on the short-but-skill-based list is Rocket League, which everyone is playing. I would have skipped it if it hadn’t been free on PSPlus last month and that would have been a mistake. Totally worthwhile.

Saw that Urban Shadows, the undead-with-politics tabletop RPG from Magpie Games got released. I’ll probably grab it at some point because I love the conceit of Word of Darkness, but I don’t have much interest in revisiting the system. Also interested in the Neverland-esque Nest from the World of Fate. That one I’ll definitely grab since I back the Worlds of Fate Patreon, plus it’s PWYW anyway. So much interesting stuff has come out of that project.

Excited to see the season finale of Lucha Underground this week. Probably take me a couple of days to get through, but it is probably my favorite wrestling week-to-week right now. It’s stylish and absurd and amazing. Also, I’ve watched the first two episodes of Wet Hot American Summer and I can say that I think it is better (at least to this point) than the original movie. Even more absurd. Not as good as Bojack Horseman, but I’m really enjoying it nonetheless. I also watched Journey Into the West for the first time over the weekend. I love Stephen Chow and I didn’t realize that Journey was not quite as comedic as, say, Shaolin Soccer or Kung Fu Hustle and it took a good 45 minutes to find it’s footing, but I really enjoyed it by the end.

Got to play a couple of board games this weekend, so that was good. Played Witness, which I had fun with, even though I was beyond terrible. I played it tired and had some anxiety during the game since I didn’t know some of the players that well, but it’s a neat game of telephone and puzzles. It plays fast, but I can definitely see how it can get a little stressful since you’re having to memorize quite a bit of stuff. I also played Argent: The Consortium from Level 99 Games. I really loved it. It’s worker placement, but there are a bunch of different characters and rooms and cards, so it looks like it should hold up for replay for a long time. I also love Level 99’s art design, which really pulls me into whichever game of theirs I am playing. I will need to glue the figures to their bases, but the game is otherwise really nice to look at. We did run into a couple of cases of rules confusion, but it played pretty smoothly overall after a pretty lengthy explanation caused by me playing for the first time.

Still waiting for my copy of Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn from Plaid Hat to come in the mail. Hoping it’ll be soon. Surely by the end of the week.

Okay, going to go watch Wet Hot American Summer and drink my tea. Enjoy it, folks. It’s a good life.


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03. August 2015 by Michael
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