BattleCON Online Kickstarter Goes Live plus Coffee Roasting

I have linked you guys to the products of Level 99 Games a whole bunch of times over the course of this blog’s history. There is a reason for that: I really like some of their games. Chief among those games, however, is BattleCON (I’m also rather fond of Argent: The Consortium and Pixel Tactics, and I’m really excited to see Millennium Blades once it is released, having previously backed it), the fighting game inspired card game of perfect information and out-thinking your opponent. It’s a really cleverly designed game that is also quite beautiful to look at. Level 99 Games has been talking about a new online version of the game for some time. And now it has finally come to Kickstarter. Now, I’ve got a pretty bad case of Kickstarter fatigue, but I still don’t mind pitching in to help something if it’s something that I really want to happen and succeed. Such is the case of BattleCON Online, which is slated for a December launch with 10 characters (which is actually quite a bit of variety given how much fighter familiarity plays into the game). You can get access to all 10 characters for $20, for $40 you also get all of the first season costumes, for $60 you get all of the fighters that are ever released and for $120 you get everything released for the game ever (plus other reward tiers). I would have thought most people would go for $20, but the upsell to $120 appears to be hard for people to resist, with the most single backers as I write this (despite only just launching, it has already crushed its initial goal of $10,000 and passed two stretch goals). It looks like a sharp adaptation, and it already looks better than the old iOS version, which I wanted to like so much more than it deserved. The game will use a free-to-play model similar to various MOBAs where there is a rotating roster of free characters and individual characters will sell for $3 each or be able to be unlocked with about six-hours of play in in-game gold.

I just got four pounds of green coffee from Sweet Maria’s. I got a four pound sampler and I’m excited to break out my popcorn popper to do some roasting. Along with the fact that I find it fascinating to watch the beans roast and rewarding to drink a cup of coffee you made from scratch, my single previous experience with coffee roasting resulted in a very good cup of coffee at a price well below what you would pay for comparable quality coffee. Sweet Maria’s itself has a great guide to roasting coffee that I would highly recommend if you are interested in the process. It looks like a really good mix of coffees, although I need to get through the bag of Kroger Private Selection coffee that I have right now before I start roasting this. Still, excited to start trying it. I am using a Chemex (I think it is an 8 cup, I’ve had it long enough to forget) and decided today that I should invest in something that can make a smaller batch of coffee. Maybe it is my lack of skill, but I’ve had trouble making anything smaller than 16 ounces in the Chemex. That’s fine in the mornings, but there are a lot of days (usually weekends) when I really do just want to make a single cup of coffee. Not that I need more coffee stuff, but giving consideration to buying a Hario v60-02, which I hope will let me more consistently make a single cup of coffee.

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17. August 2015 by Michael
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