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Last night I wanted Wet Hot American Summer for the first time. I found it to be neither life changing nor did I find it to be, like, the worst movie ever made. The reviews had led me to believe that I would think one of those things. Still, I enjoyed it, prodded to watch it by the impending (well, now not impending) release of the TV show. I sometimes wonder how much I actually watched The State. I mean, I remember watching it. My sister had a VHS of it and I know many of the sketches by heart, but I wonder if the amount of time I actually spent with it is commiserate with how much of my mind-share it takes up. Doesn’t matter. Anyway, Wet Hot American Summer was fun if to see a bunch of performers I enjoy looking like they were having a good time before many of them were properly famous. No idea about the new Netflix show yet. Maybe I’ll watch a couple of episodes this weekend. Probably not.

Moderately annoyed that my copy of Ashes: War of the Phoenixborn hasn’t gotten here yet. I preordered and it was timely shipped but it has entered some sort of weird forwarding loop with the post office. Maybe tomorrow? I don’t know, but the idea of a card game that is not collectible but still lends itself to drafts appeals to me quite a lot. I got back into Hearthstone after installing it on my phone. Half of my old decks are invalid for some reason? Anyway, it’s a really good game. I also started playing Magic Origins and, honestly, I don’t find the game half as fun as Hearthstone. Maybe Hearthstone is shallower? I don’t know. Probably, I don’t play either at a high enough level for that question to matter. Hearthstone is more visceral and feels more fun and that appeals to me more. I’ll probably stick with Magic Origins for a bit, but I doubt I’ll ever feel the desire to put real money into it like I did with Hearthstone. I think part of it is that I hate the mana economy. To the extent it is strategic, I do not enjoy it. Interested to see if the power dice from Phoenixborn are flexible enough for me to not feel so constrained. I love the idea of each player basically only taking one action at a time.

Going to do some boardgaming tomorrow. Not much else to say about that, but it should be fun.

Trying to be more authentic lately. Not sure I know what that means. Just being honest with people about what I’m into. Video games and comics and wrestling and RPGs. Hard to get a group together for RPGs, though. Some things are still niches, I guess. Anyway, I’m trying to be a little less ashamed of that stuff or embarrassed or whatever. Most people don’t really care, anyway.

Tried watching Attack on Titan. I’ll probably finish the season, but I don’t think it’s as good as I expected. Maybe I’m just getting older? I don’t know, just not really that into it. Pacing feels weird. Off. Not slow, just odd. I do love Bojack Horseman. Already watched all of season two of that, so I’ll have to wait until next year or whatever to see the next season of it. It’s so good.

I need to work on my novel tonight. But I also want to watch shows (still only in the first season of Breaking Bad, in the second season of Walking Dead). Just have to make decisions about what is important. I try to make creating things important, but it’s hard because part of the culture I love is being engaged with that stuff so you still feel like you’re part of the conversation.

I backed The Warren on Kickstarter. It’s an RPG about rabbits. Like Watership Down, maybe? Also, it just occurred to me that I want someone to make Watership Downton Abbey. I think you can figure out what that would be. Anyway, I may never play it, but I want it to exist and I want to reward Bully Pulpit for putting it out and Marshall Miller for making it. I’m grateful it exists, in any case. I don’t back many Kickstarter campaigns these days, but every now and then one will get me. I’ve had pretty good luck with them, honestly, but it’s hard with the stream of other stuff that is coming out unless you really believe in the people behind the thing you’re backing. Similarly, I intend to buy Shadowrun Hong Kong even though my game backlog is deep. I will back the Mech Warrior game once it is on Kickstarter. D&D may have been most of my RPG play as a young person, but FASA games shaped me in a much deeper way and really opened up the type of worlds that I was interested in. I’m just happy to contribute to them still existing.

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31. July 2015 by Michael
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