No Thank You, Evil Doubles Original Funding Goal, New Iconica Expansion Up For Pre-Order, Mega Man Legacy Collection Announced for PS4, PC, Xbox One and 3DS

No Thank You, Evil Doubles Funding Goal, Hits Stretch Goals

With X days left in its crowd-funding campaign, No Thank You, Evil – the child-oriented roleplaying game based on Numenera’s core system from Monte Cook Games – has more-than doubled its original goal of $40,000 and now includes a number of additional stretch goals. At this point, the additions to the game includean adventure book, reusable character sheets, and some purchasable swag in the form of ‘Hero Stuff’. The currently announced future goals include character standups at $82,000 and a new adventure at $90,000. For more information, you can head to the Kickstarter page or the official No Thank You, Evil web site. No Thank You, Evil – as mentioned – is a tabletop roleplaying game meant to be played with children using dice pools based on the characters’ attributes. Something that really caught my eye, as well, is that No Thank You, Evil has a colorful design that really pops out that seems to fit the anything-goes kid friendly theme really well. I am really interested to see how adaptable No Thank You, Evil is and if it, maybe, can fill a spot somewhat similar to Evil Hat’s FAE, which – although super light – does a nice job of telling compelling stories and concentrating on how people do things. Yes, I am already thinking about reusing a game that is not even out yet. I’ve put in a video of Shanna Germain and Monte Cook explaining how the game plays, above. As of this writing, the No Thank You, Evil has about eight days to go.

New Expansion for Iconica Up For Pre-ORder – Iconica Travels: The Hiveland Expedition

Designer Eric Torres has put a new expansion for his Iconica game series up for pre-order – Iconica Travels: The Hiveland Expedition. What is Iconica, you ask? It is, fundamentally, a tabletop game where each person builds a team from a set of cards each of which with a unique set of skills represented on large cards. Each turn you roll to determine which skill number you can use that turn, but having your three characters gives you a variety of skills to choose from on any given turn. All of that doesn’t fully capture what I love about it, though. Iconica caught my eye with its wonderful graphic design, as well the storytelling and world building on each card. The game itself is heavy on dice, but each character design is colorful and compelling and there is something about the way that Torres writes about the world that makes it feel more real. Now, Torres has announced, which includes 111 game cards that are available for $35.00 plus shipping. For more information, you can check out the Rynaga Etsy page, which also includes links to purchase the older sets of cards, as well. Travels is an expansion for use with other Iconica sets and sends the player on a journey through a region of Rynaga with three characters.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Announced for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC

If I were listing games that defined my childhood (or, at least, listing series) that list would include (in some small part) Final Fantasy, Dragon Warrior (nee Quest), Mario and – as much as any of them – Mega Man. And so I was excited when Capcom announced that they would be releasing a new Mega Man collection for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. The new collection includes 1080p resolution for the first six games in the series. Sadly absent are Mega Man 7 and 8, which were included in the Mega Man Anniversary Collection released back around 2004 on the PS2, GameCube and Xbox (as well as the two previously Japan-only fighting iterations that were included in that collection). Still, the Mega Man Legacy Collection will only be $14.99 and – so long as the ports are solid – will be a great value at that price point, which includes the aforementioned 1080p upgrade, a museum of sketches and original art, online leaderboards and a challenge mode. Plus, I would have to plug in my Wii in order to play the Anniversary Collection (which I have actually done before), so it will be nice to load up Mega Man 1 – 6 on my PS4 whenever I want to in order to make sure that I am never too out of practice. You can look forward to collecting the powers of a whole bunch of evil Robot Masters this summer on PS4, PC and XOne and this winter on 3DS.

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