Sixth Gun for Savage Worlds Coming to Kickstarter, The Curious Expedition Launches On Steam, Fleabite – What’s Up

Sixth Gun for Savage Worlds Coming to Kickstarter

The Sixth Gun, the Cullen Bunn comic book series set in the Wild West where there are six guns each imbued with magical powers, will be coming to Savage Worlds via a Kickstarter campaign that is launching next Tuesday, May 26, 2015 according to a post from Savage Worlds publishers PEG Inc. The series has been running since 2013 and is currently up to 47 issues (not including spin-off titles), with – I believe – only three more issues remaining before the series is closed out with its 50th issue. The backer rewards will include a GenCon game GMed by Bunn himself.

 The Curious Expedition Launches On Steam

I’ve written a couple of times about The Curious Expedition from devs Maschinen-Mensch, which I have been rather enamored with since they had a free weekend of the browser-based version of the game. Now, the game has launched on Steam for $14.99 (although it is currently 10% off for the launch). The Curious Expedition is a roguelike game where you try to gain fortune with a group of adventures journeying into a mysterious land to find unique artifacts and discover new places. The trailer for the Steam release is below.

Fleabite – What’s Up

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