Shadowrun 4e Bundle of Holding, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Released on Steam,

Shadowrun 4e Bundle of Holding

The funny thing about RPGs is that the release of a new version often seems to invalidate an older version for many people. This, of course, doesn’t make a lick of sense. And so it is that I point you towards the Shadowrun 4e Bundle of Holding. But Fifth Edition is out, you might say? Who cares?, I would reply. 4e may no longer be the current edition of the venerable RPG franchise, but my recollection is that it was very well received, and that it was my favorite version to that point, overall (I don’t have much experience with Fifth Edition). Shadowrun is, really, the game that made me fall in love with tabletop games. Oh, I played D&D first, but I came across the Shadowrun Second Edition book at my local comic book shop soon after and it resonated with me on a molecular level. It helped that it had synergy with the SNES game of the same name, which I was positively enamored with, having been my first foray into cyberpunk of any kind. On the Bundle of Holding, for $12.95 you get the Shadowrun 4E 20th Anniversary, Runner’s Companion, Arsenal and Safehouses. The bonus collection for $29.76 (as I write this, anyway) also includes the Runner’s Toolkit, Augmentation, Street Magic, Unwired and Gun Heaven 2. Basically, extra options for every facet of the game. Honestly, a lot of people would probably have more than enough game with just the base collection, but for those that can never have enough player options, there’s a ton of stuff in the bonus collection, too.

Final Fantasy IV: The After Years Released on Steam

It is a week for things that were super-influential on me. Final Fantasy IV was a game that really melted my brain when I first saw it. I was at my friend’s house and his friend had brought a copy of the game over to play on my buddy’s SNES. They had just gotten past the point (Spoilers? I mean, the game is over two decades old) where Rydia rejoins the party and the graphics of the game and amazing music were what really grabbed me. I was already predisposed to RPGs, having loved the Dragon Warrior games back on the SNES, but Final Fantasy IV really opened the wider world of RPGs to me. I never did play Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, the originally-for-mobile follow up that focuses on the children of the characters from the original series, as well as the returning cast members, is out now that a graphically overhauled version has made its way to Steam, I most certainly will at some point in the future. The game is set 17 years after Final Fantasy IV and was originally released over several parts across mobile phones in Japan and then, later, as a single package on WiiWare. The original game featured graphics similar to Final Fatnasy IV, which have been scrapped in the Steam release (which was, itself, originally released for iOS and Android) in favor of graphics more similar to the various DS re-releases of recent years. It is available on Steam for $15.99.

Titus Andronicus – Dimed Out

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