No Thank You, Evil Launches On Kickstarter, Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild Available in PDF and Deadlands Noir Player’s Out Now, Brand New – Mene

No Thank You, Evil from Monte Cook Games Launches On Kickstarter

No Thank You, Evil from Monte Cook Games (publishers of Numenera, The Strange, and the upcoming Cypher System Roleplaying Game) went live on Kickstarter and has already met its $40,000 goal with around 33 days left to go as I write this. Instead of targeting teens or adults, like many RPGs, No Thank You, Evil is a roleplaying game designed to be played with children (although they do note that adults can play as well). It also has a really nicely designed web site. In No Thank You, Evil the players can play, well, whatever comes to their mind which is described in a manner similar to Numenera’s one unique thing system where you describe your character by saying I am a ____ ______ that _______ or something along those lines. According to the Kickstarter, No Thank You, Evil can be played with children as young as five and sends the players across an adventure set in a land called Storia, where anything that the players and the GM (called the Guide here) can think up can happen. Like in a traditional RPG, each action has a difficulty (here rated from 0 to 8, with 0 being automatic). The dice rolls are unmodified, but if you want to lowered the difficulty of a task you can Try Harder, which lets you use a point from one of your pools (Tough, Fast, Smart and Awesome, from what I can tell from pictures on the web site). I know there are other kid-aimed RPGs on the market, but I think that the chrome that Monte Cook Games is putting on this one will make it an easier sell, with bright and interesting components. On the Kickstarter, a PDF of the game is $20, the standard edition is $40 and the Kickstarter Edition (which will contain upgraded components as well as stretch goals if those are reached).

Savage Worlds Stuff – Deadlands Noir Player’s Guide and Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild

Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild is available now in PDF format and available for preorder in print according to PEG.  Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild follows the PDF release of the Lankhmar: City of Thieves setting book, which is set in Fritz Leiber’s well-known fantasy world. Lankhmar: Savage Tales of the Thieves’ Guild contains more than twelve adventures set in Lankhmar and costs $9.99 in PDF, $19.99 in paperback and $24.99 in hardback. In other Savage Worlds news, the Deadlands Noir Player’s Guide is now available for $4.99 and contains the non-GM portions of the Deadlands Noir book. The Deadlands Noir Companion Player’s Guide is also available for free and, according to the release, contains information on two of the new arcane backgrounds on Deadlands Noir as well as some setting information.

Brand New – Mene

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