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This War of Mine 1.3 Launches

This War of Mine was a game that came absolutely out of nowhere for me when it launched. It’s such a rad little game where you play a band of survivors in a besieged city. Every day is difficult and, while the game starts off fairly easy much of the time, you eventually have to make hard decisions about going to property where other survivors are living in order to get your resources. Or someone gets sick. Or someone comes to your door asking for medicine. The new path, 1.3, makes a pretty big addition to the game in the form of a scenario editor and character editor (as well as new locations and music). This War of Mine is available for $19.99.

Super Motherload Boardgame Impressions

I got a copy of Super Motherload from Roxley Game Laboratory and designed by Gavan Brown (who made the real time boxing card game Jab, which is rather brilliant itself) & Matt Tolman , and I’ve got to say that I dig it. It’s also sold out pretty much everywhere that I’ve seen or I’d tell you how to get a copy yourself. It is pending a re-print, though. In any case, it is – at its core – a deck building game, although it is not an engine building game. In fact, at least in my first play, the deck building is really one of the less interesting parts of the game. Basically, you have four colors of cards and you start with two of each color. Generally, you can play as many cards of the same color as you want to make a tunnel on the board. This is where the rubber meets the road. The board (made up of four two-sided tiles, so there is some variability there) is covered with gems that are worth money. When you get gems, you put them all on a stack of cards and, once you have more gems than the cost of the card then it goes into your discard pile to be shuffled into the game. Each card is worth victory points and the more cards you buy of a single color the more they cost. There are also three major achievements revealed at the beginning of the game and minor achievements that are replaced as they are claimed. The person with the most victory points wins. I really enjoy the spacial-reasoning part of the game, where you have to think how you’re setting up your opponent on the board to get gems and where you want to end up the next turn. Drawing cards takes actions, too, though, so you can find yourself having to spend precious time doing that instead of digging if you’re not careful. I thought it played very well with two players and it will definitely hit the table again. It supports up to four players, plays in just over an hour, and retails for $49.

Surfin’ Mutants Pizza Party – Brain Avenue

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