Telepath Tactics Released, The Secret of Cats: Animals and Threats expands the Fate Core world, Cataldo – The Beast

Telepath Tactics Released

I’ve had my eyes on Telepath Tactics from game designer and IndieRPGs site runner Craig Stern for quite a while, and I’m excited to see it has finally been released on Steam and GOG (regularly $14.99, currently $13.49). The game, which comes with a single-player game as well as a level creator that allows you to create your own campaigns (as well as local multiplayer), certain wears its Fire Emblem inspiration on its sleeve. Telepath Tactics promises 23 different characters classes, 110 different attacks, destructible terrain, and an aggressive AI.

The Secret of Cats: Animals and Threats

As a backer of the FATE Worlds Patreon, The Secret of Cats was one of my favorite things to come out of it. Mind you, I’ve not actually gotten it to the table, but the idea of an RPG where you play cats defending mankind (and catkind, I guess) against threats. Now, Richard Bellingham has released a new supplement for The Secret of Cats called Animals and Threats. As you might guess, it contains Animals and Threats to add to your Secret of Cats game. It’s pay what you want over on DriveThruRPG (as is the original supplement) and contains additional sapient animals including dogs, spiders and evil cats as well as more traditional monsters like ghosts and is 36 pages long.

Cataldo – The Beast

I’m including the entire Bandcamp embed below for Cataldo’s Gilded Oldies, but I am including it specifically so you can listen to The Beast (track 6). Be warned that there is some swearing in there.


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