Final Fantasy Record Keeper, New Bundle of Holding, Eclipse Phase: Firewall, The Madcaps

Final Fantasy Record Keeper 

I can’t figure out if I like Final Fantasy Record Keeper or if I am just defenseless against it. The story is, really, immaterial. Basically, you are tasked with something something paintings something something Final Fantasy. Okay, look, the story is a flimsy excuse for you to play through some old fashioned Final Fantasy combat and to read snippets of the stories of the various Final Fantasy games. As you play, you get 16-bit style representations of characters from across the series (my party includes Rydia, Kain, Tidus and Cloud along with the FFRK main character). Each character can be equipped with two abilities at a time and each ability can only be used a certain number of times in each dungeon. The presentation is pretty spot on, with the aforementioned sprite work as well as a ton of nostalgia-inducing music. Your characters level up, and characters get a bonus if they are in their own world. You can synthesize weapons together, as well as create new spells, and turn in Mythril to try to get rare weapons. I have not found the Stamina system to be overly restrictive, nor have I found myself in a dire situation where I feel like a need to spend real world money in order to advance, so that’s nice, although it could certainly change later on. The combat itself is streamlined Final Fantasy combat, although I find myself using the autocombat for all but the most challenging levels or bosses (I really enjoy the fact that my institutional knowledge of the Final Fantasy series is actually useful for beating the bosses). In any case, it is available for free on iOS and Android, although it does have microtransactions.

Bundle of Holding – Bundle of Laughs

I haven’t heard of several of the games in the Bundle of Laughs, which collects together eight tabletop RPGs with a sense of humor, although there are several that look interesting. The starter collection is $6.95 and includes Murphy’s World, Critical! Go Westerly, Diana: Warrior Princess, and Elfs and if you beat the threshold ($15.98 as I write this) you also get Kobolds Ate My Baby, Low Life: Rise of the Lowly, Bob, Lord of Evil, and Demon Hunters. Nothing I’ve played before, but there are several that look interesting (I’ve looked at Low Life before and Kobolds Ate My Baby looks entertaining. I’ve never heard of Murphy’s World, but I have to admit that I am intrigued). If anyone has played any of the games in the bundle, I would certainly be interested in hearing about them.

Eclipse Phase: Firewall

Eclipse Phase is a game that I would still love to get the to table one day. It is a d100-based game of transhumanist horror. The players in Eclipse Phase are part of a double-top-secret organization called Firewall that combats threats to transhumanity. Posthuman Studios just released Eclipse Phase: Firewall, a new sourcebook for Eclipse Phase to aims to add more information about Firewall, including its history, notable people within the organization, rival organizations, and new character traits and gear. The PDF of Eclipse Phase: Firewall is available now from DriveThruRPG for $14.99.

Today’s Music: The Madcaps 




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