Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil comes to Final Fantasy Record Keeper, Winter Eternal for Savage Worlds, Titans Souls Evolution Trailer, The Mountain Goats – Heel Turn 2

Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil comes to Final Fantasy Record Keeper

I wrote just last week that I wasn’t sure whether or not I liked Final Fantasy Record Keeper, the new mobile game that combines free-to-play item gathering with Final Fantasy combat. Well, whether I like it or not, it has its hooks into me as I desperately try to get to the final floor of the last event in order to get Sephiroth. This has meant leveling up a strange team of misfits designed especially to fight an enemy that cannot be hit by melee attacks. I think I’m close, although I still have a couple of floors left. Starting today called Light Against the Darkness, which will reward you with Final Fantasy IV’s Cecil in Paladin form (I would have preferred Dark Knight Cecil, but whatever Edit: I have learned, as I have played through the Event, that Dark Knight Cecil is actually awarded earlier on in the Event. Which is rad.) if you can make it through all 12 stages before 4/16 when the event expires.

Winter Eternal for Savage Worlds Released

Winter Eternal from Just Insert Imagination is a game that takes place hundreds of years after the apocalypse in a fantasy world. After the apocalypse, the six tribes that formed have each grown into massive cities which were barely sustained by a sun that only gave off enough heat to prevent the entire world from freezing. Now, the world is moving into an industrial age thanks to the discovery of a new material called sunshards. The PDF is on sale for $7.99 through DriveThruRPG now if that sounds like your cup of tea.

Titans Souls Evolution Trailer

Titans Souls feels like it has been in the works for a long time, although the original version was the subject of a game jam back in 2013. And now, next week, the final game is scheduled for a release (it’s available for preorder now for 10% off and there is a demo available on Steam, also).  The game, which challenges you to defeats its massive bosses with only a single hit point and a single arrow has come a long way, as shown by the above-trailer, which shows how the game has evolved over the years.

Mountain Goats – Heel Turn 2

I would be badly remiss if I didn’t mention the new album Beat the Champ from The Mountain Goats, the new professional wrestling-themed concept album. Not only that, but I have really enjoyed from what I have heard of it and will definitely be listening more of the upcoming days. Below is the song ‘Heel Turn 2’.

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