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Curious Expedition Update #9.

I wrote about Curious Expedition a while ago when they had a free weekend for the currently browser-based expedition roguelike. I found it to be rather brilliant and I have been watching the development as it moves towards its release in the next few months (you can get access right now for $12) . This update adds a new type of unite: The artist. The artist can use an easel and an empty canvas to create paintings of people and places. The artist’s paintings also increase in value as your artist increases in mastery. Spoilers: Your artist is probably never making it back home. No one is. They are all going to disappear into the wilderness in search of fame and treasure. It’s pretty great, guys.

Chroma Squad Releasing on April 30 – First Impressions (Spoilers)

I've enjoyed several of the jokes in Chroma Squad, as well as the tactical combat and sim stuff.

I’ve enjoyed several of the jokes in Chroma Squad, as well as the tactical combat and sim stuff.

Chroma Squad does not officially release until April 30, but all of the backers have now been given access to the game, which tasks you with running a TV studio producing Power Rangers-style shows and also participating in tactical combat in order to build points that are converted into fans and money. Money lets you buy better studios and other upgrades. I’ve played through the first few levels and it is brilliant so far. It does wink at the camera a lot (meme references and such), but the tactical combat is fun (each of your rangers, which you can customize at the beginning for different bonuses and costume colors). Your team members are throwing each other all of the place, chormatizing (read: morphing, although you can rename a whole bunch of things like your team name and a bunch of other stuff), teaming up to attack bad guys and dealing with some dude that refuses to not wear a barrel instead of his costume. I’ve only played through the first few levels, but it seems to be extremely well made, and it is certainly a game that is not quite like anything else that I’ve played before. The ability to customize your units is pretty great and   It will be available for $15 from Steam and, also, directly from the developers.

Strange Wilds – Pronoia

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