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Battle Brothers Goes Early Access

I wrote about Battle Brothers a while ago. It’s a game that promises to take a lot of inspiration from games like Jagged Alliance 2 and X-Com, where you build and customize your units over time but when they die, they’re dead. I played the tech demo a while ago and found the combat to be solid (although it is not, in itself, that similar to the combat of the aforementioned games. More like a tabletop war game, but in a good way). Now, on April 27, Overhype Studios will release Battle Brothers on Steam Early Access. Since I checked out that demo, the game has apparently grown quite a bit, with “20+ different enemies, 80+ items, 42 character perks and thousands of procedurally generated mercenaries for hire” and a sandbox-esque campaign (the full release will feature a more traditional campaign, as well as more content and a dynamic event system, among other improvements listed on the Steam page).

Bundle of GUMSHOE

If you enjoy RPGs, you might want to check out the Bundle of GUMSHOE over on the Bundle of Holding. The main bundle, featuring Ashen Stars, Mutant City Blues, Ken Writes About Stuff (1-4) and See Page XX Vol 1 is $13.95 and if you pay more than $29.29 you get a bunch of additional books: Night’s Black Agents, The Zalozhniy Quartet, Dead Rock Seven, Hard Helix and Fear Itself. I’ve not read all of them, but I did really enjoy my read-through of Ashen Stars (even if I’ve not gotten it to the table) and I find GUMSHOE, generally, to be such a fascinating system that is really modeled around developing interesting stories as players discover clues (and never leaves discovery of a necessary clue to the whims of the dice). Robin D. Laws and Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan have both done interviews with this very site back when I did ENnie nominee interviews back in 2012.

Cubicle 7 Previews Lone Wolf Adventure Game

The Lone Wolf Adventure game from Cubicle 7 is not set to come out until next year. However, it is never too early to get a glimpse inside a new roleplaying game book. That being the case, you can check out the previews the Cubicle 7 has posted of the game, which is based on Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf book series. The Lone Wolf Adventure Game boxed set will include an adventure book, a player’s book, a GM’s book and handouts. I am not familiar with Dever’s book series, but I will say that the previews that are posted are beautiful and remind me a lot of The One Ring, which is definitely a good thing.

Hop Along – Waitress

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