Dresden Files: Paranet Papers Pre-Order, Bundle of Holding: The Laundry RPG,Cities: Skylines, Dog Sled Saga, Cheap Girls

The Dresden Files RPG: Paranet Papers Pre-Order Available, PDF available now

If you are unfamiliar, the Dresden Files RPG is a tabletop roleplaying game set in Jim Butcher’s popular Dresden Files book series. It is also one of the best-written roleplaying games I have ever come across in my life (not coincidentally, most of that list is made up of games published by Evil Hat, the publishers of the Dresden Files RPG). While the first two volumes of the RPG came out at (roughly?) the same time, it’s been quite a wait for The Dresden Files RPG Volume 3: the Paranet Papers. Paranet Papers will be a 372 page hardcover book, and it is available for pre-order for $49.99. If you pre-order the book, you get immediate access to the PDF, with the hardcover to ship later this year (it says June 1, 2015 on Evil Hat’s web site). It looks like Paranet Papers contains a bunch of information for bringing your Dresden Files RPG games up through the more current books (it covers through Changes), and includes four new locations, rules and information regarding hte Nevernever, updated magic, and new creatures. You can also get a PDF if you order through your local game store if they participate in the Bits and Mortar program.

Cities: Skylines Out Today

I wish I could tell you that I have played it, but I have not. That said, the $29.99 pricetag makes it far more interesting than most releases in the genre. If it’s good (and I hope it is), I probably won’t wait to pick it up. I really loved the SimCity games, but skipped the most recent entry into the series after the reviews came out, since I found that Sim City 4 did what it did as well as I need it to. With that said, Cities: Skylines looks extremely promising, although I have not seen any reviews for the game just yet. If you’ve picked it up, I’d love to hear from you, although I will almost certainly be posting an after action report if the reviews look at all positive. I’m just too excited to see a good entry in this genre to sit this one out if it is any good.

Bundle of Holding: The Laundry RPG

What’s that? A roleplaying game about folding clothes? I bet I’m the first person ever to make that check, being as clever as I am. Anyway, it’s not. That was not true. I am sorry for my deception. Instead, it’s about a British secret agency that deals with occult, Lovecraftian threats based on the series of stories by Charles Stross. The RPG is from Cubicle 7 and is based on Chaosium’s Basic Roleplaying system. It’s a game that I’ve been watching for a good time, and I’m sorely tempted by the $8.95 Bundle of Holdding core collection, which includes the Laundry Core Rulebook and the Agent’s Handbook. If you pay more than the upgrade price ($24.14 as a write this) you get another four supplements: The Mythos Dossiers, God Game Black, Black Bag Jobs, and Cultists Under the Bed.

Dog Sled Saga

So… dogs live in cities, right? SEGUE’d! I admit that I have previously been unaware of Dog Sled Saga and this appears to be a pity. I know almost nothing about actual dog sleds, but it turns out that I can get very interesting in simulation games about the most esoteric things. It certainly looks great and is available as an Early Access game for $7.99 through Steam. Something tickled me in the trailer when it said, ‘Hire a new dog to help.’ Like, I imagine that these dogs have some sort of union that you have to bargain with in order for them to pull your dumb sled. ‘Oh, you’re going to throw dog treats at us? Get out, man, we want five weeks of paid vacation a year at the dog spa of out choice. No? Fine, good luck with Cat Sled Saga, chump’ Ahem. Anyway, my point is that this looks neat, although it does not – to my knowledge – include any dog-related collective bargaining.

Cheap Girls – Famous Graves

Okay, I’m about a year late to this album, but I’m glad I came across the album Famous Graves by Cheap Girls at all. I enjoy most of the album, but I would recommend skipping to the third track ‘Knock Me Over’. I’m listening to it again as I write this.

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