Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition from Galileo Games goes to Kickstarter, Night Witches from Bully Pulpit Games is Released, Humble PC/Android Bundle 12, Turbo Fruits

Man, so much going on these days. I recently started reading Terry Pratchett’s The Color of Magic (the first of the Discworld) novels and have every intention of reading until I’ve read all of the novels in the series, or at least most of them. I’ve read several of them here and there and they were books that – for me – shaped so much of my sense of humor. I don’t even remember what made me pick up the first one that I read (which I believe was Soul Music), but it sure stuck with me. I’m only 25 pages in right now, so it will probably take me a few years, but I look forward to wandering through Discworld for a good long time.

I’m still enjoying The Last Man on Earth, and – after a year or so of slow TV – things have really picked up. I’m happy to see Community back over on Yahoo! Screen and, despite the cast changeover, the core of the show actually seems stronger than it has for the past few years. The first episode – Ladders – was just pretty good, but I thought that the second episode was particularly strong. I already mentioned The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, and I thought that the first episode of iZombie (which I watched because of its connection with the comic book of the same name) was good, if not spectacular. The dialogue is strong in iZombie, and it has a similar feel to Veronica Mars (it probably doesn’t hurt that Rob Thomas is involved), even if I didn’t feel like the the dialogue was as crisp as VM’s was at its best. Of course, it’s just the first episode, so I definitely plan to keep watching for the time.

Bulldogs! Fate Core Edition

Bulldogs! from Galileo Games was a “high action space opera” roleplaying game powered by FATE by Brennan Taylor and Brian Engard. Well, it actually still is, and now publisher Galileo Games has enlisted Mark Diaz Truman and Brendan Conway to update Bulldogs! from the previous version of FATE into FATE Core, the newer, streamlined edition released by Evil Hat in 2013 (I think). In addition to the new version, Galileo Games is also looking to publish a new campaign-length adventure series from Gareth Ryder-Hanrahan, powers to add to Bulldogs! by Ryan Macklin in a supplement called Red Star, as well as SpaceNoir by Brian Engard, which adds the Bulldogs! setting to TechNoir and a  Bulldogs!-themed Fiasco playset by Krista White and Brennan Taylor. The project is up on Kickstarter, and $10 gets you all five products in PDF format, with physical copies and other rewards available at higher levels. They are trying to get $15,000 of funding, with stretch goals already announced up to $18,000.

Night Witches from Bully Pulpit Games

I’m going to be real with y’all. Whenever Bully Pulpit Games announces anything, I listen. I was, heretofore, unaware of Night Witches from Bully Pulpit Games (which was, apparently, on Kickstarter). It’s a *World powered game from Jason Morningstar  (designer of Fiasco, who you can hear describe the game above) that puts you in the shoes (err, biplanes) of Soviet Airwomen flying missions during World War II, with unique movesets for day and night. It is, likely, not the sort of thing that is for everyone, and that is fine, but it is a game that expands roleplaying games in a different direction, perhaps even providing the players with some perspective about what it is like to live another life that is not a totally awesome dual-wielding ranger (although, for the record, there is nothing wrong with wanting to play a TADWR). A PDF of Night Witches is $12 and a print copy, with a PDF copy, is $25. More details are available directly from Bully Pulpit, including where to buy it and more information about the game.

Humble PC and Android Bundle 12 

Not much to say about this one, except that there is a new Humble Bundle out with some good stuff in it. Shadowrun Returns (available by paying at least $10) is pretty great by itself, and I have also previously had fun with Titan Attacks!, Costume Quest and VVVVVV. Even though I have all four of those games, I am tempted to get it just for Ironclad Tactics, which has been on my radar for quite a while now. Also included are Tetrobot and Co. and The Inner World, which I have no experience with.

Turbo Fruits – The Way I Want You

Today’s song is The Way I Want You from Turbo Fruits.



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