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Battle Chasers from Joe Madureira Returns

Back in the late 90’s, there seemed (at least from my perspective) to be a rise in comics drawn in a very (again, at least at the time) contemporary way. One of the comics that stands out most in my memory was Battle Chasers from Joe Madureira. I mean, it had all of this stuff: Like, some sort of crazy golem and a dude with a massive sword and an older dude and a kid with crazy magic gloves. I haven’t gone back and revisited it in quite a long time, but it only ran nine issues, which was always a bit of a bummer, having created a bit of an open loop in my brain. Luckily, that made me all the more excited when I saw Polygon report that Madureira was bringing Battle Chasers back as both a video game and a comic book. I’ll be honest, I’m mostly excited about the comic at this point and I’ll worry about the game if it turns out to be worth worrying about. No release date yet, but always nice to have something on the horizon to be excited about.

Curious Expedition

Over the weekend, I came across a game that I don’t believe I have ever heard of called Curious Expedition. It’s a pity I’ve never heard of it before, because it’s actually pretty rad and reminds me more-than-a-little of NEO Scavenger, although with a higher emphasis on exploration and a much lower emphasis on only-owning-a-trash-bag. If you lack that frame of reference, well, basically you have a party of adventurers who have unique abilities and explore a hex-based world and try to find treasure and bring it back home safely. There was a free weekend last weekend (which you would have totally known about if you followed me a on Twitter) and I had a good deal of fun with it, even in its current Alpha state. You never know when you’re going to regret trading that rope for that ancient artifact. I like how, when you complete expeditions, your lead adventurer gains new perks. And then, in my case, promptly dies on the next go. Such is the life of an adventurer. The game (including access to the Alpha) runs $12.

Atomic Robo is Online

Also, somehow I missed that one of my favorite comics, Atomic Robo, is now (at least in part, although eventually all of it will be) online for absolutely zero dollars (or your local currency). You really should read it if you haven’t done so before and is currently into the fourth volume, so there’s a pretty good amount of material there for you to read already. They have it supported by a Patreon account, so I guess that bears mentioning for your consideration if you enjoy the comics. It’s close to $2,500 / month now and if it reaches $3,000 all of the backers get the first four volumes in PDF (I actually own all of those in trade paperback version, but it’s still a good deal if you are not me) and at $5,000 they’ll create a new spinoff series to provide to backers first.

How to Play Specter Ops

I haven’t gotten to watch the entire above-embedded video for how to play Specter Ops from Plaid Hat Games, but I’m definitely interested in checking it out. Specter Ops is probably the game I’m most interested in coming up, mostly off some previous big hits for me from the company (Mice & Mystics and Summoner Wars both rank highly for me). Still, while I look forward to getting my hands on the game (and I have pre-ordered it), I do have some concerns. My previous experience with hidden movement games (Fury of Dracula) was pretty miserable, but I really love the theme and graphic design of this one and the approximately one hour play time seems about right. Once the game is out and I’ve had a chance to see what I think, I’ll let you know.


Well, it may not be super-indie or unknown or whatever, but at least it’s good music. For your consideration today, I give you the new song from Blur: Go Out. I quite like it. I like how it kind of drones and sounds a little bored, but is still weirdly dance-able. I like how it is oddly set to a video of a woman making ice cream without explanation.

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