Frozen Cortex from Mode 7 Games and Eagle Eyes from Evil Hat Released

I often wonder to myself, in moments of hubris, if a person comes across this site, checks the front page and thinks ‘Well, this was a fine thing while it lasted.’ But it is, in fact, still lasting. In any case, I was pretty excited to see that Frozen Cortex (nee Frozen Endzone) has officially been released. Back on January 30, Mode 7 Games released an update that added a pretty nice little singleplayer game to the mode that included a roguelike mode where you gained upgraded players until you lost a game, at which time your team was lost to time, as well as more traditional modes. While they did not put in the sort of mode that I would have most liked to have seen, a mode where you amass money and upgrade your team over seasons with robot destruction and the like, it’s a good system and it appears that its release has caused a substantial uptick of players (at 131 right now, up from a peak of 23 between 2/12 and 2/18 according to Steam Charts), which is good, because it’s actually a really sharp tactical two-player experience but just didn’t have a community to speak of. It’s on sale for $19.99 (down from $24.99) with an extra copy for a friend on Steam.

Evil Hat just released another Fate World (I back their Patreon campaign but I think all of the stuff is pay-what-you-want anyway, so you can take advantage of my payment if you’re a freeloader, for which I will judge you) called Eagle Eyes (DriveThruRPG). It’s over 40 pages, written by Pete Woodworth and casts the player characters as ‘Eagles’, investigators in the Roman Empire. It takes inspiration from ‘noir’ fiction and has what appear to be some pretty neat mechanics for handling conspiracies.  I’ve not gotten to read it in-depth yet, but it looks pretty neat so far.

That’s it for the time being, although I would point you towards Medieval Engineers – A new medieval physics game from the makers of Space Engineers that I would like to be a little more of game than a sandbox before I buy it. I mean, it looks rad, but I lack the patience to play that sort of game until it has a little more direction. Still, I’ll definitely look forward to seeing the sort of madness the people who do play it make with it.  I spent last weekend making tuckboxes for BattleCon: Devastation of Indines. I printed them in black and white and only on 65 lb card stock (probably should have used 110 lb, but I used what is available). Now I just want to get the game back to the table. It’s certainly much more usable now that I have done some storage-ing, though. Alright, off to do yoga and finish watching last night’s NXT and then see if I can fit in Lucha Underground. Too sweet, man.

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19. February 2015 by Michael
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