Evil Hat Productions releases Romance is in the Air

Evil Hat Productions, those of Fate fame, have released their news Fate Worlds project – Romance is in the Air by Bill White. According to the Drive Thru RPG listing, “It’s Downton Abbey meets Last Exile, on a collision course with Dr. Zhivago.” I’ll be honest, I’m not entirely sure what to make of all that, but it sounds fascinating. Basically, you play the nobles in a Victorian-style steampunk setting engaging in intrigue in the skies. The supplement is 58 pages  and adds new skills, airship rules and a new travel system, as well as new adventure seeds. Like all of the Fate Worlds, it is available on a pay-what-you-want basis, although it has a suggest price of $4. They have also released a bundle of all five of the currently-released Fate Worlds for $15. I’ve really enjoyed the diversity of the various Fate Worlds (I mean, The Secret of Cats, right guys?) and I’m pleased that I backed it on Patreon. It’s always neat to see what’s coming up and to get the notice that a new project is available.

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09. December 2014 by Michael
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