Wishlist: Golem Arcana by Harebrained Schemes – Tabletop meets tablet

Nice looking sculpts and a cool premise put Golem Arcana on my Wishlist.

Nice looking sculpts and a cool premise put Golem Arcana on my Wishlist.

The biggest problem I’ve ever had with selling people on miniatures games are the rules. That’s why I’m so interested in Golem Arcana. While there is a full rulebook, Golem Arcana, from Harebrained Schemes (the studio behind Shadowrun Returns), uses a stylus and smartphones (or tablets) to help you keep track of who has line of sight and how much health everyone has.

So, why’s it on the wishlist? Well, first and foremost is what I said above: It’s the lure of a miniatures game without the complexity of not learning all of the rules. The way I play them, miniatures games are high luck (and high fun), low skills games. Sure, I try to maximize my chances of winning, but I find – as often as not – the outcome is dictated by the dice. Plus, with the variety of special abilities and different rules, I find that it’s a pretty tough sell to my wife. Golem Arcana fixes that latter point as well, but it does not fix my inability to go out and find other people to play with. Hopefully the less-steep learning curve helps get it to the table every now-and -then. The sculpts are pretty darned sweet, as well. I’m a little concerned as to how much you would have to spend to have a workable army, especially since the base game only comes with six figures (it looks like three from two different armies). That might make an okay demo game, but my hunch is that more will need to be spent to have a rewarding experience. The base set costs $79.99 (it is available from Amazon for $56.97, though) and three character expansions look like they MSRP for $34.99 (about $25 through Amazon). That doesn’t seem out of the realm of acceptability for three reasonably-sized mini compared to my experience with other games. I’m also a sucker for a neat premise and – let’s be real – that’s really what is driving my interest here. I look forward to sharing my impressions should I get Golem Arcana in the future.

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16. November 2014 by Michael
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