This War of Mine is pretty incredible

Seriously, see the title. This War of Mine from 11 Bit Studios, the new release for which I embedded the trailer below, is great so far. I started the game with very little food and very few supplies. During the day, your survivors take time clearing rubble about their abode and building new additions to their home. The first couple of days are pretty easy. Maybe you invest in a bed, maybe you build a radio (I did both of these things). But then your stack of supplies starts to look short and you have to start scavenging further away from home. And then you have to start scavenging in places where you know there are other survivors. And maybe there’s some stuff outside of their place that’s easy to get, but the good stuff is inside. The food, the medicine, the bandages. The stuff you need because your survivors are sick or wounded. You don’t have any weapons, so you know if you get caught you’ll have to run. But you try it anyway, and then you get caught. And then the people you were trying to take supplies from attack. I mean, they have the right. You were in their house. And then you have two survivors. The expansion of your home base keeps you playing for another day. The random people who come to your and maybe need vegetables. Or maybe the need medicine. Or maybe they attack you. It’s a bit like the Sims, except that the Sims live in a war zone and have to defend their home and go out scavenging at night. It’s not a perfect analogue, but it’s as good as I can get. Anyway, I like it a lot. It’s different. Has anyone else played it? What are your thoughts so far? I’m really impressed by how it sets the mood. Everything’s some somber. I felt good the first couple of days, but then reality starting setting in. I needed weapons. I need food. I probably wasn’t going to find them all. I didn’t want to start fights, but I knew I wouldn’t have a choice if my survivors wanted to make it.

This War of Mine is currently available for $19.99 from Steam.

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23. November 2014 by Michael
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