First impressions of Battlelore Command

So, Battlelore Command from Fantasy Flight Games, the new video game based on the Command and Colors based boardgame Battlelore was released today for iOS and Android for $9.99. It also looks like it is coming out on Steam later, but it doesn’t appear to be there now. In any case, I have to say, I’m pretty impressed. I am a fan of both Battlelore, as well as Memoir ’44, so I was excited to see the announcement for Battlelore Command. While I played the first edition of Battlelore, I never played the second, current edition, which made some pretty major changes. In Battlelore Command, you have a set number of cards available at all times and you can use each of them once until you use the Refresh ability instead of relying on drawing from a deck of cards. At the start of each battle you spend your gold to muster am army, which I believe was added on the second edition and adds a nice but of variability to the game. The game I’ve played was satisfying. It looks good and plays quickly. The game ran very smoothly on my Galaxy S4 and I didn’t find screen size to be a hindrance, either, which was a concern going in. There is a campaign, which is likely where I’ll spend most of my time,  that it looks like should create a nice reason for different types of battles. From what I can tell, multiplayer is limited to local network play. It’s a bummer because asynchronous strategy play works so well on mobile platforms. After paying through the tutorial and a full game, though, I certainly have a positive impression of Battlelore Command.

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25. November 2014 by Michael
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