Kickstarter: Southlands New Fantasy Options for Pathfinder RPG from Kobold Press Enters Its Final Day

It was the art of Southlands, a new RPG supplement compatible with Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG from publisher Kobold Press, that first caught my eye. Instead of the usual fantasy stuff, Southlands delves into Arabian Nights-style deserts and pulp adventures. Southlands is set in the same setting as Kobold Press’s own Midgard campaign setting. According to the Kickstarter campaign, Southlands is “a full-color book of ancient hieroglyphic magic, powerful genie lords, and monsters that would give Sindbad nightmares”. Beyond that, though, it looks like it could be a really neat book for those seeking inspiration for their RPG campaigns. For me, at least, just looking at the art shown on the Kickstarter campaign gives me ideas for adventures. That said, there is more to Southlands than just its art: Southlands contains a bestiary, information about locations like Per-Bastet, the City of Cats, and The Floating Village, as well as new player options like the tosculi insectfolk. I just like saying ‘insectfolk’. They sound quaint. They are likely not quaint. At any rate, through the Kickstarter, a PDF copy of the Southlands core book is $15 and a copy of the additionally-funded bestiary is $12 (both for $27, natch), with print copies and other rewards also available. If you’d like a feel for the contents of the book, there is also short excerpt available directly from Kobold Press. The Kickstarter Campaign only has hours left at this point, and has funded 15 additions to the core book, bonus PDFs and the aforementioned separate bestiary. For more information, you can check out the aforementioned Kickstarter, which ends tonight (October 17, 2014) at 11:00 p.m. Central Time. If you are coming to this late, I’d venture a guess that Kobold Press will be willing to sell you a copy in the future.

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17. October 2014 by Michael
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