Kickstarter: The Ruined Empire – A system-neutral, Final Fantasy-inspired RPG setting

I wrote about Tenra Bansho Zero, the Japanese tabletop roleplaying game brought over by Andy Kitkowski, during its Kickstarter run two years ago, including interviewing Mr. Kitkowski himself. As part of that Kickstarter campaign, Anna Kreider wrote a campaign setting called The Ruined Empire that was planned to be fully developed as an official supplement/backer reward for Tenra Bansho Zero. However, it never saw the light of day and – eventually – Kitkowski released the text of the supplement under a Creative Commons license. Now, Kreider is revisiting  The Ruined Empire, launching a Kickstarter campaign to release an expanded version of the campaign setting that, according to the Kickstarter page, will include:

“An original campaign setting, inspired by Final Fantasy and common anime tropes, written with an eye toward social issues

Expanded commentary and campaign creation hooks

Conversion guides and system hacks for use in starting campaigns with non-Tenra systems”

So, what – exactly – is The Ruined Empire about, anyway? It is, as-mentioned, a system-neutral RPG setting set against the backdrop of two warring nations, and the three nations that lie between them (well, one of them was kind of ruined when the two nations fought the first time, but still). The major dichotomy in The Ruined Empire – from what I have read – is the pull between those two major empires: The Imperial Dynasty of Azumi, a nation built around machinery and technology, and Jahga Republic of Enlightened Peoples, a national built on magic and self-determination. There is tension in other parts of the world as well: Will melis and the Kugutsu in the Desecrated Lands rise up? What about the lower class in Horom, suffering under the Imperial rule, but powerless to stop it? Reading through the setting begs some interesting questions, and there do appear to be several different facets that a campaign could spark around. As mentioned, you can read the existing text of The Ruined Empire for free at the aforementioned link or check out the Kickstarter page, where the campaign has currently raised just over $2,500 (CAD), as I write this, of its $5,720 goal.

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13. October 2014 by Michael
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