Fantasy Flight Games Announces the First Seven Ally and Villain Packs for Imperial Assault

This box art for the Star Wars Imperial Assault base game

This box art for the Star Wars Imperial Assault base game

Fantasy Flight Games has not even released their nearly-$100 behemoth Star Wars-meets Descent board game Imperial Assault yet, but they have already announced the first wave of expansions. The expansion characters announced for Imperial Assault, to expand on the 34 figures included with the base game, by FFG include:

Han Solo ($9.95)
Chewbacca ($9.95)
Rebel Troopers ($14.95)
Rebel Saboteurs ($12.95)
General Weiss ($19.95)
Royal Guard ($9.95)
IG-88 ($9.95)

From my review, it appears that the character miniatures themselves do not add any gameplay to Imperial Assault, instead serving as chrome-y replacements for tokens included in the base game. Each of the expansions includes includes a mission and each of the expansions includes one miniature except for the Troops and Saboteurs, each of which include three figures, as well as new cards to be used with Imperial Assault. From what I can tell from the official FFG write-up of the expansion figures, the sculpts look quite nice. FFG also did an overview of the gameplay in Imperial Assault, as well. For more information on Star Wars Imperial Assault from Fantasy Flight Games, you can always check out the official web page.

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