Out of Dodge – A four-player live action freeform RPG from Jason Morningstar about desperate criminals on a car ride to nowhere

out-of-dodge-coverFirst, I love the idea of Out of Dodge from Fiasco/Durance designer Jason Morningstar as a sort of weird road trip activity. Technically, I suppose, you could play Out of Dodge not in a car seated in four chairs in your boring living room, but that would seem to ruin the point. First, apparently, the game assumes that you will be in a car formation anyway, so you may as well be pretending that you are desperate criminals while actually going somewhere. Out of Dodge is a one-sheet, free-form RPG where you and thre close friends play the roles of three thieves on the run trying to divide up eleven treasures. Basically, someone is getting screwed. That’s just math. Out of Dodge costs $4.00 and is available from DriveThruRPG. As for what you get for your $4, well, according to the listing the game includes “a 6 page PDF organized for single-sided printing. One sheet explains how to play. Four sheets represent the individual character sheets which will be cut in half and attached to letter-sized envelopes for each player. The final sheet is the list of Bag Notes for use during the climactic reveal (when the loot bag is examined).” Out of Dodge also includes a sheet to customize the triggers in the game to make it more replayable. Intended to be played in one-to-two hours, Out of Dodge certainly sounds like a better way to spend  a road trip than convincing your friends to listen to your early-oughts Ska mix CD. Which is awesome. And I don’t understand why they don’t get it.

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10. October 2014 by Michael
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