Cubicle 7 Details Victoriana: The Concert in Flames Supplement

TheConcertinFlamesCover4001Cubicle 7, publishers of Victoriana, have released additional details regarding The Concert in Flames, a supplement for the aforementioned Victoriana. Victoriana (currently in its 3rd Edition) is a steampunk and sorcery roleplaying game set in a historically questionable Victorian era. The game itself runs on the Heresy Engine, a dice pool-based system where 1’s and 6’s count as successes (there is actually a five-page preview of Victoriana available from Cubicle 7 if you’re interested in more about the system). The Concert in Flames supplement, according to an update from Cubicle 7, will detail all of Victoriana Europe as well as including a five-part adventure of “continent-spanning conspiracy.” According to the update from Cubicle 7, The Concert in Flames will be available for pre-order soon. Although there is no price listed in that article, the War Store has the MSRP for The Concert in Flames listed as $29.99.

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13. October 2014 by Michael
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