Castaway Paradise released by Stolen Couch – Think Animal Crossing on iOS

I’ve been jazzed about Castaway Paradise from developers Stolen Couch for quite a while (in fact, I wrote an article about it more than two years ago when it was called The Village). Although it has been out in other territories for a little bit, it was finally released for iOS today (according to feedback from Stolen Couch, they would like to do an Android version, but there are no plans. It looks like PC and Mac may be a possibility down the line, though. Also, the feedback forum built into the game is great and Stolen Couch appear to be answering customer suggestions in real time). In any case, Castaway Paradise is, basically, Animal Crossing for your i-device right down the graphical style. This is not, mind you, a complaint.   I’ve downloaded the game (it’s free on iTunes) and so far I’m thoroughly enjoying it. Like many free-to-play games, Castaway Paradise has two currencies: Gems and Pearls. There are lots of microtransactions for sale, including several character customization option, furniture, tiles and wallpapers. Given that I haven’t played the game very long yet, I haven’t gotten a good sense for how necessary microtransactions are to get the most out of the game. What I have noted is that my watering can has twenty uses before it needs time to refill and that things like building and planting crops take real-world time unless you pay to speed them up. Still, I can be patient so I have no reason right now to perceive the times as unfair (I’ve actually gotten several speed ups and gems just from doing some quests in the game). As you level up you gain access to more features and customization options, as well. It certainly seems like the Animal Crossing formula would work well in mobile format, so I’m definitely looking to getting more into the game over the coming days.

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09. October 2014 by Michael
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