BattleLore: Command will bring the BattleLore experience to iOS, Android and PC

I happen to be of the opinion that the Command & Colors system by designer Richard Borg is one of the neatest pieces of board game design anywhere. I have a ton of Memoir ’44 sets and also own a first edition copy of BattleLore, the fantasy-world take on that system where you use cards to activate different numbers of units across a board divided into three areas. Careful management of your cards is necessary because if too many of your units end up in a single part of the board you might end up with severely limited options to maneuver your troops. So it is to my great surprise and chagrin that I have somehow completely missed the announcement of BattleLore: Command for iOS, Android and PC that will bring the BattleLore: Second Edition experience to those platforms. Mercifully, from the trailrer above, BattleLore: Command appears to have quite a lot in common with its cardboard brethren (although I suppose that the trailer could just not show ways in which the game differs). Although there is no announced release date yet, apparently BattleLore: Command will retail for $9.95 and will, according to Fantasy Flight Games, include:

“All the army units and lore powers included in BattleLore Second Edition
A single-player campaign composed of multiple missions, each on a different battlefield
Multiplayer functionality allowing two players using the same wifi network to compete
A 360 degree view enabling players to see the battlefield from any vantage”

Man, add asynchronous multiplayer and I can’t imagine what else I could ask for. All told, it looks like it has some serious promise. I’m certainly keeping on eye on BattleLore: Command and I’ll let you know once there is a release date. In the meantime, Fantasy Flight Games has posted a preview of several of the units of BattleLore to tide you over.

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10. October 2014 by Michael
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