Kickstarter: King Down from Saar Shai is a tactical chess-based game with gorgeous minis

Man, am I a sucker for pretty miniatures. Take, for example, King Down – currently on Kickstarter – from Saar Shai (who previously ran a Kickstarter for the card game ‘The Agents’). Shai bills the game as the prequel to chess but, really, it’s something quite different – a tactical game that uses the classic chess pieces to create a completely different game. Oh, you play on a chess board, all right, but instead of trying to take all of your opponent’s pieces, you’re trying to get to 8 Victory Points either through destroying your enemies or by controlling a zone in the middle of the board known as the Capitol. You gain pieces by summoning them onto the board, using your limited amount of Action Points in order to bring new pieces into play and order your existing pieces around. The pieces in the game move like their chess counterparts, but the game it creates looks very different. Actually, you can see for yourself since the print and play version is available for you to try and see if this is your thing. But you know what your chess set probably doesn’t have? Those bangin’ minis. Seriously, those are some sick looking sculpts. The game itself, through the Kickstarter, runs $65 and includes 80 miniatures plus whatever stretch goals are met. King Down has already well-exceed its initial $50,000 goal (at $79,646 as a write this). In a recent update, Shai indicated that he already has stretch goals lined up, including additional minis, and that he is looking into the possibility of completing each army as a proper chess set, although there’s no answer on the latter point yet. In any case, I really dig it when  games play around with existing tropes and King Down certainly looks like an interesting take on some of the rules of chess.

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11. September 2014 by Michael
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