Bomb Squad – An Intense Cooperative Real-time Tabletop Game from Tasty Minstrel Games

I’m a big fan of real-time tabletop games. Not that I’ve played that many (Tasty Minstrel’s own Jab jumps to mind, reviewed on this very web site) but the idea of running a tabletop game in real-time creates a very different experience from what I’m used to in that space. So, I must admit that I am thoroughly intrigued by Bomb Squad, designed by Dan Keltner and David Short and published by Tasty Minstrel, which currently has just over a week left on its Kickstarter campaign.  Bomb Squad challenges two to six players to take turns controlling a robot in an attempt to save hostages and defusing a bomb. As opposed to, say, Space Alert, the game does take place in turns and players can take as long or as short as they would like, but the clock is always ticking. Players are limited in how they can communicate with each other, creating an additional level of tension as players try to the experience. There is a print and play version of the game already available (the game currently has a 7.5 rating on Board Game Geek with 26 reviews) and the rulebook is posted as well, so it should be easy to determine if Bomb Squad is something you’re interested in.  Bomb Squad has already surpassed its original $40,000 goal with stretch goals set out all the way to $110,000. Through the Kickstarter, backing at the $35 level gets you a copy of Bomb Squad in the USA (with those in other countries needing to pledge higher amounts to get the game). For a better overview of how the game works, check out this video explaining how things play out:

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23. September 2014 by Michael
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