After Action Report: Invisible, Inc. from Klei Entertainment Part 1

Okay, so I’m not starting Invisible, Inc., from developer Klei all over again. This After Action Report will be picking up live and in progress. That’s how these things happen folks. Not familiar with Invisible, Inc.? It’s a turn-based stealth game from the developer of Don’t Starve and Mark of the Ninja that is out in Early Access now. So, it’s early access meaning that this may not represent the final game or the next build or whatever. Deal with it.

So, I’ve played through a few games. At first, I didn’t understand the Roguelike nature of the game. You’re going to lose but you get scored every time you do so. That, over time, unlocks new technologies. So, each time you run you get two agents to start with and two technologies. Over the course of a single game you buy new equipment and level up the agents. And then they die, you get experience, and more starting options. Then you try again. And die. And so on.

So, I’ve done this a few times and I’ve gone with the standard starting equipment. The new parasite equipment is neat but it lacks the elegant flexibility of the standard Lockpick program. The game gives you a world map that has a number of locations for you to do missions. You have 72 hours and traveling to each location takes a certain amount of time. I had to Casablanca which is ‘Very Guarded’ and five hours away. Every turn you play Invisible, Inc., life gets harder. The alarm goes up. Doing things like taking out guards makes it go up, too. As it goes up, more guards show up, computers get harder to access and you get closer to not making it out alive.

One of my agents makes a stupid circle around the room, finding no doors other than the one I saw initially. So that was a good use of my limited time. Deckard, my other agents, heads into the next room on turn two and finds a turret. I make the decision to take out the power supply instead of taking over the turrets. Turrets will take out the bad guys if they are hacked but that also may result in a prematurely raised alarm. I head further in, put one guard to sleep and find a computer with some Encrypted Data, which will help raise my level if I can get it out of here. Great. Still only about halfway through alarm level one, but Agent Internationale is just on the other side of the door from a guard. I manage to find the elevator pretty quickly, which is nice since I have had missions go south as a desperately try to find the elevator to get out of Dodge. Sadly, one of the guards spots Deckard (I got a little aggressive with my movement since it’s at such a premium) and I’m forced to waste a turn waiting for him to get knocked out by the waiting Internationale. Still, more guards close in and now things are really going south. I was feeling really good about this, too. No more! Deckard gets taken out when I fail to take into account a guard’s heavy armor which defends him against my only means of attack. I have, however, hacked a turret to help me get out of here. It takes out two guards as Internationale runs to a Nano Replicator (store) that I don’t have enough Energy to unlock. Crap. I have to wait a turn and a guard walks perilously close to me but I manage to get the replicator on and purchase some Med Gel. That’s basically all of my money. Now to see if I can revive Deckard and get out of here. Alarm 3. I predict a guard’s movement and it looks like he’s going to walk away, so I let him go. I move close to the door and set my Overwatch, meaning I’ll attack the first enemy in range. Sadly, he’s armored, too, meaning I do nothing. Luckily, I can duck out of sight (the enemies are dumb, but predictable, which is good for this kind of game). The guard walks up to the very edge of the bookcase I am behind and I hold my breath. Luckily, he loses interest just as he’s there and I start to head out of the room. And wouldn’t you know, more guards! I manage to hide and play cat-and-mouse as the alarm hits five and climbs towards six (its max) and finally use the Med Gel on Deckard! Unbelievable. Deckard takes out a guard and gets to the elevator, but now Internationale is in a room with three guards. I hide and, eventually, manage to get away, running past the guards and getting into the elevator. I end up with no money after the mission, but I do get to keep the Med Gel, which is nice. Still, I can’t do any upgrading without money, but given the alarms I raised and how long I stayed in, I should probably just be happy with both of my agents alive. That was a luck break. We’ll see how long it lasts. Probably not long, as I think the longest I’ve made it is through two missions. If I’ve learned one thing it is that you need to make progress every mission (mostly come out with more money than you came in with) and I didn’t really do that, although I only ate up five hours and have Med Gel, so I can’t say it was a complete waste, but I certainly didn’t get any further ahead than when I started.

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09. September 2014 by Michael
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