13th Age in Glorantha – One of the deepest fantasy RPG worlds merged with one of the most popular modern RPGs

First, a little unabashed love: I think that Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet’s 13th Age (which I’ve read – and own – but have not gotten to the table yet) is freakin’ rad. It merges classic D&D aesthetics and feel with a lot of great modern game design to make a nice package. Glorantha, on the other hand, is something that I have always been curious about. I mean, it’s a fantasy world that has been through so many iterations over the past nearly-40 years and – of course – I’ve heard a ton about it (and it’s sometimes-ducks) but I’ve never actual delved into it even though it has been the setting for several different games over the years (Hero Quest and Runequest are the two I know off the top of my head). And so I am intrigued by the promise of the current Kickstarter for 13th Age in Glorantha and The Gloranthan Source Book, which will let you use the Gloranthan setting in 13th Age. Well, The Gloranthan Source Book is actually a crunch-free book intended to introduce players to Glorantha. 13th Age in Glorantha, on the other hand, is a book aimed at adapting 13th Age to Glorantha by adding specific One Unique Things, monsters, icons, heroquesting (that’s what it says – I guess it’s a Gloranthan thing) and classes. The campaign has already met its initial $39,500 goal and has crushed several stretch goals already, inclduing a full chapter in 13th Age in Glorantha to let you use trolls as PCs with the promise of those always-mentioned Gloranthan ducks (think Donald, Scrooge, et al.) a few thousand dollars away. 13th Age in Glorantha does require a copy of 13th Age to play, while The Gloranthan Source Book, as mentioned above, is free from any pesky rules. There is also more information on the official web site. To wit: I learned that “Heroquesting to set things right, or to at least set things into a place that isn’t infested with demon-goat larva, is the focus of the default campaign style.” So there you have it: demon-goat larva. You know, like happens sometimes. You can get both PDFs for $35 or both hardcover books for $80 (plus lots of other prices for things separately or other rewards) through the Kickstarter campaign.

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19. September 2014 by Michael
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