Kickstarter: Designers & Dragons by Shannon Applecline – The updated history of tabletop roleplaying games published by Evil Hat Games

Designers & Dragons by Shannon Applecline is “a four volume book series of RPG industry awesomeness, meticulously researched and prettily packaged.” That’s a quote from the Kickstarter page, so it seems likely enough. The original, single-book version of Designers & Dragons was originally published by Mongoose Publishing and now Evil Hat has picked up the updated version with 70,000+ additional words across the volumes. Now, I’m no word-scientist but that seems like a fair-to-middling number of words to me. Each volume will cover a decade (70’s, 80’s, 90s, Oughts). The 70’s is already available in PDF form and is available immediately for all backers (even if you only back $1). $15 gets you all of the PDFs and $85 gets you the complete set (you can also buy various numbers of volumes at intervals in between). The goal is for Evil Hat to publish all of the volumes at the same time. As of right now, that will be true of the 70’s and 80’s and, if the campaign reaches $22,500 (it’s over $12,500 right now) then all four volumes will be published at the same time. I missed out on the original volume completely, so I’m certainly interested in the set. Even better, the PDF of the chapter on TSR is available for free as a PDF for your perusal. It’s actually pretty massive – as in over 100 pages – so it should certainly give you a good idea if a book about the history of RPGs is for you. Although that seems like a thing you should probably be able to figure out by yourself. As you might surmise, there’s plenty more information on Designers & Dragons by Shannon Applecline available on the Kickstarter page.

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05. August 2014 by Michael
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