Kickstarter: Boss Monster: Dungeon Building Card Game for iOS and Android tablets from Brotherwise Games

I wrote about the Kickstarter campaign for the original Boss Monster card game way back in 2012, including posting an interview with the game’s creators. I loved the the game’s pixel art style and I loved the conceit of building a sidescrolling dungeon for your card-based characters to delve into. The card game appears to have had a successful launch since then (and, as I type this, has an average BoardGameGeek rating of 6.75, for whatever that is worth to you) and Brotherwise Games is now looking to bring the game to iOS and Android via Kickstarter. The app, according to the Kickstarter, will feature AI play against up to three players, pass-and-play capabilities, online play, as well as some cards that are specifically created for the digital platform: “four rooms, two new Bosses, and a new spell that all take advantage of the digital platform, allowing stats and treasure values to change as you play.” A copy of the app itself will run you $5, while amounts over that get you extra digital cards or, in some cases, real cards depending on how much you pay. For those curious as to how the game plays, I might suggest you check out the instruction manual for the card game. If you want more information, there is more on the Kickstarter page or I’ve embedded the video of the game prototype below.

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19. August 2014 by Michael
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