Kickstarter: Aegis Defenders from GUTS Department – A Tactical Platformer

So, there aren’t two words you can squish together that I like quite like ‘tactical platformer.’ I mean, I like tactics. I like platforming. I could only guess that I would like tactical platforming. And so it is that Aegis Defenders, currently on Kickstarter, has caught my attention. The first thing that stands out is that is some outstanding pixel art going on there. Basically, it appears that Aegis Defenders puts you in charge of two characters – a man named Bart and his granddaughter Clu. Bart can build towers a la a tower defense game and Clu can set traps for the oncoming enemies. There appears to be some enemy management at play, trying to keep track of the waves of enemies coming from either side of the screen. Normally you control both characters switching in a Lost Vikings-like arrangement, but local co-op appears to be a stretch goal, as is adding additional classes for the game characters so you can more thoroughly customize your tactical platforming. Really, it looks incredibly promising. Aegis Defenders GUTS Department has already raised over $52,000 of its $65,000 goal with 29 days left. A copy of the game costs $15 through the Kickstarter and Shovel Knight (star of the game ‘Shovel Knight’, natch) has been announced as an unlockable character.

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04. August 2014 by Michael
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