The Escapists – Pixel Art Prison Break Early Access Now Available

The EscapistsI remember seeing The Escapists from Mouldy Toof Studios back when it ran its Kickstarter campaign. Now The Escapists is out in Early Access on Steam and on the Humble store for $9.99. I bought it and I’ve enjoyed my time with it so far, although that has only been a couple of days of game time. Also, it is early access so the current state of the game may not reflect the final state in release. Currently there is one prison in the game for you to try to break out of. I dig the pixel art graphics and how the game forces you to follow your daily prison routine while you plan your escape. During the course of the day, you have to build your stats in order to bust out but you also have to do your assigned job (mine is laundry), go to the cafeteria to eat and check in with the guards twice a day. A couple of in game days into the game, I have successfully built my stats up some but I am no closer to breaking out. I have found that you can stand on the furniture to see the vents and you might be able to get a pick ax or spoon to dig through the walls. You can get items by buying them from other inmates and random checks mean you can’t just amass items you are not supposed to have and, instead, have to take the chance that you might be caught or flush your hard earned items down the toilet. Literally. There is also a crafting system, although my character is not smart enough to actually use the recipe yet. The recipe I have found allows me to upgrade a pick to a better one, which certainly sounds advantageous. I am a little ambivalent about having to alternately tap keys to use the treadmill or weights. It feels like key pressing for its own sake to me and you so it often enough that I would much prefer a simple timed stat earned system like the current in game book reading. Currently,there is only one prison but there are more maps planned and a map designer down the road, which will hopefully lead to some clever prisons to escape, as well as some longevity for The Escapists. In the meantime, you can check out the current, early access version of The Escapists if you are so inclined on Steam and on the Humble store for $9.99.

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22. August 2014 by Michael
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