BattleCON: War of Indines Remastered hits Kickstarter; I lose my mind

BattleCON: War of Indines Remastered from Level 99 Games is on Kickstarter now.

When I was a kid/teenager and arcades were still a thing that a person might happen to go to every now and then, there were no games that spoke to me like fighting games. I mean, what wasn’t to love? They were certainly the most Darwinistic of the arcade games. Most of the games were built to take your money as quickly as possible and, as a kid, I was not exactly flush with cash. But if you got good at a fighting game. I mean really good you could play forever. At least against human competition, most of them had (and still have) unfair rule breaking bosses meant to stop your progress dead in a fit of ‘I’ve nearly beat it!’ frustration (I’m looking at you Onslaught).

Still, playing fighting games at home has never held quite the same appeal to me. I mean, I’ve gotten pretty into a couple (Street Fighter IV, Virtua Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to name a few), but I was never good at any of them. And, in any case, I’ve found for my fighting game nostalgia fix, there is nothing that scratches that itch quite like BattleCON.

In case you aren’t familiar, BattleCON (from Level 99 Games) is a card game meant to call back to those glory days of arcade fighters. And it is wonderful. I have a copy of BattleCON: War of Indines from back in the first printing. I also have a copy of Battle: Devastation of Indines which provides more content in its box than perhaps any other game I own. Both games provide you with a huge roster of fighters (something like 18 in the original War and 30 in Devastation, I think) and – while they can be played in other variants (include boss battles, two-on-two fights and even an RPG mode in Devastation) I mostly enjoy it as a two-player game for fighting game supremacy with each player maneuvering around the seven space board and trying to guess what the other player will do while managing their distance, stun and priority. So, needless to say, I really find it to be quite lovely. Sadly, the original War of Indines has now all-but-sold-out. Happily, the game is now on Kickstarter. You can read more about the crowdfunding effort after the jump.

Despite only having been posted today (I was eagerly checking for its launch and have backed to get the new edition of War plus the Extended Edition), BattleCON: War Remastered is already more than $8,000.00 over its original goal (the previous Kickstarter for Devastation brought in over $150,000). The remastered edition includes the 18 fighters from the original War of Indines plus 10 oversized arena cards that provide you new environments to fight in. You can also get the Extended Edition expansion, which will get you extra content like alternate cards, alternate costumes and new arenas. There are tons of options for pledge levels which include various options (the game is $50 with the Extended Edition costing $20 more) so you should probably just check them out for yourself. The aforementioned $70 level (including the new version of War as well as the Extended Edition) appears to be by far the most popular option (and the one I backed it at), especially consider the Extended Edition will be where most of the stretch goals will be added. The first stretch goal (at $35,000) has already been passed and added new Strikers into the game. At $40,000 a new character will be added to the Extended Edition and at $50,000 an expansion providing for EX and Almighty (boss level) versions of the characters will be added (EDIT: The Light and Shadow expansion is available for purchase for $15 through the Kickstarter, still a lot of additional content coming in through the Extended Edition, though. There’s another new add-on expansion called Armory that will be funded at $80,000 that lets you customize your fighters with weapons and tools which sounds pretty amazing).

Another reason I love Level 99 Games is that they have shown a commitment to print-and-play games and letting people see their games before they buy them. In that spirit, you can even download a demo version of BattleCON to see if you like the game. If it at all sounds interesting, I would encourage you to check it out. If you want full information, well, you can head over to Kickstarter.

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